New Counseling Services and Office in Peoria, IL!

Hello! As some of you may know, my name is Hillary Wasson and I am a Licensed Clinical Social Worker right here in Peoria, IL. I've been very blessed over the last 10 years with my career in social work. I have worked in community based settings, inpatient hospitalization units, and outpatient clinics. I have learned so much from the amazing people I've encountered along the way and I can never express enough gratitude to those who have supported me and guided me along the way. And now, it's time for a new adventure!

Opening April 6, 2015 - I will have my own private practice office! Hooray! I'm super pumped to be able to fill a big space with all of my toys and to have a spot truly be *mine.* The landlord and realty company allowed me to paint and are also letting us install new flooring, etc. It's a process but we are getting there! Here is a progress picture of me taking a moment to relax after FINALLY finishing the primer!

Peoria, IL Therapist Hillary Wasson Office Renovation

I'm super pumped to be moving forward and can't wait to meet some new faces while getting to do what I love - helping to empower individuals, children, and families to lead the best lives they can. Bye-bye for now!